Max Holloway Details Why He’s Not The Best Featherweight Ever

Max Holloway
Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Featherweight king Max Holloway continues to impress, as he has never looked better then he did last (Dec. 8, 2018) night in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Welcome to the “Blessed Era.” Holloway was absolutely brilliant in his defense over No.1 Brian Ortega. He masterfully picked the unbeaten Gracie black belt apart for the majority of the 20-minute affair.

Although many fans and media members agree that the 27-year-old Hawaiian is the greatest 145-pounder to have ever graced the Octagon, Holloway respectfully disagrees. He believes one of his former foe Jose Aldo is the true featherweight GOAT. He is honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as ‘Junior’:

“I still believe the greatest featherweight of all time is Jose Aldo,” Holloway told reporters post-fight at UFC 231. “When I’m 30 or 31 or his age then you ask me if I’m the greatest featherweight of all-time if I’m still here.

Not the Goat Yet?

The Hawaiian could make a strong case for the featherweight GOAT if he wanted to. He currently holds a few divisional records like longest winning streak, most wins, most stoppages and more. The key area where Aldo stands out is in title defenses. He successfully defended the 145- pound strap six straight times. 

Holloway believes he could eventually catch and pass Aldo. He just needs more time.

“I’ve got to just keep winning, keep doing my job and keep winning fights and let you guys keep talking about it,” Holloway said. “Personally, for me, I think Jose still is. I’m chasing him. He set the bar, and I’m still chasing that bar, and I’ve got to break it. People are saying this is a new era. I guess I’m setting the bar for the new era. When ‘The Blessed Era’ is here, ‘The Blessed Era’ is going to be in full effect.”

For now, all Holloway can do is keep fighting. As for what division he will be competing in moving forward, no one is quite certain. UFC President Dana White has expressed a strong desire to see Holloway move up in weight. The champ, however, does seem lukewarm to the idea.

“At the end of the day I just want to be the pound-for-pound No. 1,” Holloway said. “I’m the champion, and I keep defending my belt, I’ll be No. 1. If it’s up a weight class, it’s up, If it’s defending my throne. If I get to fight one of my good friends, ‘The Daddest Man on the Plant’ (Daniel Cormier) for that title, bring it on Kung Fu Panda. I’ve got you, ‘DC.’ I can see him very soon.”

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