Former UFC welterweight champion Matt “The Terror” Serra has remained around the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), as he coaches a slew of rising contenders, and of course middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

The always outspoken, and entertaining Serra is likely most remembered for his shocking upset knockout win over Georges St. Pierre back at UFC 69 in 2007, but he also had quite a bit of a rivalry with another former 170-pound champ in Matt Hughes.

The two would meet at UFC 98 in 2009, a bout Hughes would ultimately take home with a unanimous decision victory. Six years later, however, it seems as if “The Terror” hasn’t closed the door on his beef with Hughes, blasting the ex-champ on a recent edition of the Anik & Florian Podcast:

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“I can’t stand that guy. I don’t even want to say anything because I know I’m not going to get to smack him or anything. If they said, ‘Matt, let’s do this,’ I’d say, ‘I need six months,’ because I’m a professional. I never missed weight. I’d have to get into a training camp. I’m not doing that for my health. Dude, you’re best friends with Dana. He gave you a fake ass job. You fucking hall monitor. Come on. Is that guy working harder on the farm or with his fake ass hall monitor job. Fighter relations? Are you fucking serious? If [UFC fighters] have a problem, who are they going to call? I should have that job. Who are they more likely to call? Me or him? I should have that fucking job. Seriously, he should just sit back and collect his checks pretending he’s doing something.”

Clearly Serra still isn’t a big fan of Hughes, and although he hasn’t competed since 2010, “The Terror” said that if the UFC thought it was a good idea he would consider making a return bout against Hughes:

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“If the UFC said this is actually catching wind and people want to see the fight I would do it the proper way and it would fucking happen. But if it’s not going to happen I’m not going to sit here and just flap my gums.”

Would you even care to see these two former champions do battle once again?