Matt Hughes Suing Train Operator From 2017 Accident

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is suing the train company that was a part of his horrific 2017 accident. The UFC Hall of Famer suffered serious injuries in the crash.

According to MMA Fighting, “per the complaint, filed June in Montgomery County (Ill.) Circuit Court, Hughes’ attorneys claim Norfolk Southern Railway didn’t have adequate warning signs at the crossing and knew it “posed a grave danger to the public” given its placement and visibility.

Hughes’ attorneys also claim the ex-UFC welterweight champ was lawfully driving when his vehicle when he was struck and “thrown dozens of feet,” resulting in “severe, progressive and permanent brain and bodily injuries,” according to the complaint.”

Hughes and his wife each seek in excess of $50,00, attorney costs, and other relief allowed by the court. However, the train company denies Hughes’ allegations.

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The train company has also requested a jury trial and filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. MMA Fighting’s report also states: “Norfolk’s defense attorney Charles Swartwout claims Hughes failed to stop his truck at a safe distance and didn’t heed a warning from the “plainly visible” train. Swartwout claims Hughes failed to yield the right of way and “knowingly drove his vehicle onto a railroad grade crossing.” The attorney also claims Hughes was talking on a cellphone at the time of the crash.

But, the lawsuit says Hughes had lost earning capabilities and will require ongoing medical attention.

”The injuries he suffered have caused his personality to change and his marriage and relationships with friends and family have been strained,” the complaint states.

What do you make of Hughes suing the train operator from the 2017 crash?