Marion Reneau Pulls Off Late Stoppage Win Over Talita Bernardo

Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports
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Round 1:

Reneau pushes the action early, just missing on some shots to the chin as she pushes forward. Bernardo catches a kick and gets the fight to the floor. Bernardo works from Reneau’s full guard, but stands up and eats a couple of upkicks before coming back down. Again standing up and Bernardo eats some upkicks yet again. She then gets one of Reneau’s legs but she’s able to escape. Reneau goes for a triangle attempt but switches to an armbar. After a scramble Bernardo gets North South position before spinning around and taking Reneau’s back.

Reneau scrambles out and gets Bernardo in her full guard. The round ends with Bernardo throwing ground-and-pound from the top position.

Round 2:

Reneau opens the round again pushing the pace and throws a jab. Reneau lands a nice combination followed by an overhand right and continues to talk Bernardo down. Bernardo drops down to try and get the fight to the ground but Reneau backs away and calls for her to stand. Reneau continues to find a home for her overhand right, but just misses on the straight shots she’s trying to land down the pipe inside the pocket.

Bernardo continues to drop to the floor to try and get things to the ground but Reneau is having none of it. Bernardo finally lands the takedown but gets stood up with a guillotine attempt from Reneau. Reneau pushes Bernardo against the cage as both women seem to take a bit of a breather before Reneau rips off some knees to the body. The round ends with a clean right hand landing for Reneau and Bernardo shooting in on a failed takedown attempt.

Round 3:

Bernardo eats some shots from Reneau as she bulldozes forward and goes for the takedown. She’s able to get the trip and get the fight down An elbow lands for Bernardo and Reneau is cut open. Reneau then locks in her signature triangle choke but Bernardo is able to escape. Reneau then scrambles to take top positing and takes Bernardo’s back. Reneau locks in a rear-naked choke and has Bernardo in a very uncomfortable position. Bernardo gets out but eats some ground-and-pound from Reneau before locking in another uncomfortable rear-naked choke attempt.

More ground-and-pound from Reneau goes unanswered from Bernardo and it takes the ref a little too long to jump in and stop the action, but he finally does.

Marion Reneau def. Talita Bernardo via R3 TKO (punches, 4:54)