Next up on the UFC 257 main card is a middleweight bout between Andrew Sanchez and Makhmud Muradov.

Round 1: Sanchez goes for a body kick but it’s caught by Muradov. Muradov lands a nice leg kick and follows it up with a front kick to the body. A lot of feints from Sanchez but he is yet to land anything as Muradov lands a leg kick. Muradov blocks a high kick before stuffing a takedown attempt from Sanchez. Muradov lands another big leg kick before catching Sanchez with a right hand. Both fighters are swinging a bit more as Muradov lands another leg kick. He momentarily clinches up with Sanchez before the fight returns to striking. Sanchez lands a right although it’s partially blocked. Sanchez catches Muradov with a right as Muradov attempts another leg kick. Muradov attempts a flying knee but it just misses. Muradov attempts a takedown but it’s defended as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Sanchez clinches up Muradov but the latter separates with a head kick that is blocked. The fight is momentarily stopped due to a groin strike on Muradov. The fight resumes. After a striking exchange, Sanchez goes for a takedown. Muradov lands some elbows in response and defends the takedown but is clinched up against the fence. They eventually separate. Both fighters are now fighting in the pocket a lot more — especially Sanchez who seems to be showing a lot more confidence. Muradov lands a nice jab. He follows it with a big left and right hook. Sanchez just about dodges a huge head kick. Muradov lands a nice right and ends the round strong.

Round 3: Muradov lands a right and follows it up with another. Sanchez’s nose is starting to bleed now. Muradov lands another right partially and follows it up with an uppercut. He connects to the body now. Sanchez starts to find some success but Muradov lands a huge right that wobbles Sanchez. He goes for the kill as he unloads on Sanchez before the referee calls an end to the fight!

Official result: Makhmud Muradov defeats Andrew Sanchez via TKO (R3, 2:59).