POLL: LowKickMMAmeme – The Grand Final!

This is it, our competition has reached its final point and we are looking forward to giving out our terrific prizes.

Below are the top five overall vote getting memes. You have until tomorrow (Thursday Dec. 20th 2012) at 9:00 EST/ 15:00 CET to vote on your favorite. Remember you can only vote once, so think carefully as there is much at stake. The winner will be announced later tomorrow after the votes are tallied. So have fun and good luck to all the finalists!  

(Note: some of the top 5 memes where omitted due to being created by a user who already has a higher entry in the final. Votes toward determining the finalists were counted at 9:30 AM CET on Wednesday, any votes entered afterwards were not and are not taken into account)

1. kick in the liver by Boxin’Belgian

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2. Not Sure if Retired by thealex


3. Friends with Chael by ian


4. Arianny’s shorts by Michael Stephensen


5. Free Meal by super



Update: Poll disabled at end of competition.
Final results:

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