Lorenz Larkin Starches Santiago Ponzinibbio In Second Round

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Earlier this year, Lorenz Larkin (16-4, 1 NC) snapped a three-fight losing streak when he secured a TKO victory over John Howard. In order to keep the momentum going and avoid a possible pink slip from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he had to best Santiago Ponzinibbio (19-3) at UFC Fight Night 70 in Hollywood, Florida.

That’s exactly what “The Monsoon” did.

At the start, Larkin connected with a kick to the body. A left hand from Larkin found the jaw of Ponzinibbio. “Gente Boa” landed a right hand in response a few seconds later. “The Monsoon” backed off his opponent with a push kick. Larkin continued to land heavy leg kicks, although his massive uppercuts only found air.

Ponzinibbio ducked under and went for a takedown, but ended up controlling Larkin against the fence. They broke free off an elbow on the top of the head from “Gente Boa.”

Ponzinibbio tired to complete a single leg takedown, but Larkin kept his balance to avoid it. Another stiff leg kick from Larkin connected and the round came to a close seconds later.

Larkin landed a big left hand in round two. He followed it up with a massive right hand in what may have been his biggest shot up to that point. Ponzinibbio continued to move forward despite taking damage. He landed a few punches, but he was on the receiving end of another hard leg kick. A right hand connected for “Gente Boa” and he threw a head kick.

“The Monsoon” landed a huge left and right hook to the jaw that sent Ponzinibbio crashing to the canvas. Larkin stuck to his opponent like glue and referee Herb Dean had seen enough.

Image via UFC.TV.

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