Logan Paul Sets His Sights On An MMA Debut Against Paddy Pimblett: “If I Were To Do A UFC Fight, It Needs To Be With Someone Who Can Sell Tickets”

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is no stranger to combat sports. The actor turned fighter has competed in boxing matches, most notably going the distance with one of the greats in Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul calls out Paddy Pimblett

Logan Paul isn’t set yet on making his MMA debut, but he is set on who he would like it to be against if it does happen. He spoke with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour regarding a potential clash against the one and the only Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett.

“I’d like a run at it. I’d like a win in some sort of a fighting, combat sport. I think I’d be good at it, too. But then again, bro, I’m like okay, do I f*cking go and get my head kicked in or wrestle and have so much more fun. My friends before the Wrestlemania match, they’re like, “Hey, good luck!” and I’m like, “Enjoy the show!” Before a boxing match it’s like, “I love you, brother. You can do anything you want.”

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“They’re praying for me backstage, my heart’s pounding. It’s a f*cking headache! It’s crazy, the difference between a boxing event and a wrestling event, so I don’t know bro. But I found out who I’d like to fight if I did a UFC match; Paddy the Baddy.”

Paddy Pimblett is only in his second fight with the UFC and he is already a polarizing figure in this sport. He brings this type of charisma and personality that is second to none in the UFC right now. ‘The Baddy’ is also never in a boring fight, winning both of his UFC bouts in the very first round. A fight with Pimblett will always elevate the ticket sales no matter who the opponent may be, and Logan Paul wants to capitalize on that.

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“They’re saying he’s possibly the next Conor McGregor, right?” He’s super charismatic, he’s entertaining as hell, he’s on the come up, he’s young like me, he’s got a real loud mouth. I just like the way he can perform. I think also, in the off season he can come up like 25 pounds. The kid blows up in the off season, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like someone put a pump in him and blows him up. So he can get up to 185 and I can get down to 185 and possibly do a UFC match.”

Dana White asked me who I’d want to fight and I didn’t have anyone in mind, and now I’m looking at it and I’m like okay, if I were to do a UFC fight, it needs to be with someone who can sell tickets. Paddy can sell, we’ve seen how he can activate crowds, and he’s still relatively new, he’s young, he’s entertaining. I just think the fans would eat that sh*t up.”

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Would you like to see Logan Paul face off against Paddy Pimblett in the UFC octagon?