Home Results Li Jingliang Stops Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Late – UFC Shenzhen Results

Li Jingliang Stops Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Late – UFC Shenzhen Results

Li Jingliang
Mandatory Credit: Paul Miller-USA TODAY Sports
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In the co-main event of UFC Shenzhen, Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos and Li Jingliang will collide.

Round 1:

Very much a feeling out process after the first few minutes. A leg kick from dos Santos is caught and Jingliang lands a right hand and takes dos Santos down. They trade inside the pocket and dos Santos lands some hard shots, but Jingliang wears them well. A pair of high kicks from dos Santos just miss.

A blitz from Jingliang coming forward and dos Santos is caught with a strike. Dos Santos pressing the action now. Jingliang just misses ona counter shot and they clinch up for a moment before separating. A huge shot from Jingliang drops dos Santos. Dos Santos jumps right back up, eats a knee, and dos Santos presses Jingliang against the cage to end the round.

Round 2:

Another big right-hand lands for Jingliang to start the round, but dos Santos remains on his feet. Dos Santos clinches up but Jingliant shoves him off. Dos Santos responds with a big right hand of his own. Jingliang lands a nice counter shot as he circles out from the cage.

Jingliang blitzes forward again and catches dos Santos with an overhand on his last shot. They clinch up and dos Santos fails on a takedown. Dos Santos lands a nice hook on the break but Jingliang is throwing heavy shots right back. Bit shots being exchanged inside the pocket and dos Santos clinches Jingliang against the cage to end the round.

Round 3:

The pair exchange leg kicks to start off. Jingliang is very active with his hands coming out. Dos Santos comes in for a takedown but Jingliant isn’t there. A leg kick from Jingliang and dos Santos responds with a nice hook. A nice right-hand lands for Jingliang and he follows up with a jab. Jingliang has had great head movement all fight. Jingliang catches a kick and scores a takedown, but dos Santos is right back to his feet.

Dos Santos stumbles and falls back to the canvas moving backward and clinches with Jingliang for a moment against the cage before separating. A big uppercut from Jingliang rocks dos Santos with seconds to go and drops him. A follow-up flurry from Jingliang ends the fight.

Official Result: Li Jingliang def. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos via R3 TKO (punches, 4:51)

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