VIDEO | ‘Kung Fu Master’ Calls Out Former K-1 Grand Prix Winner, Suffers Bad Beating In Sparring

Kung Fu Master

A self-proclaimed Kung Fu master recently issued a call out to former K-1 Grand Prix victor and Knockout of the Year winner, the 23-8, Rukiya Anpo, and when pitted with the 26-year-old in a sparring session, suffered a rather one-sided and difficult to watch beating over the course of a single round. 

Posting the entire 20-minute long video on his official YouTube page, Himeji, Japan native, Anpo first battles with another Muay Thai practitioner in a sparring session, before the proclaimed Kung Fu master challenges him to a spar.

‘Kung Fu master’ suffers one-sided beat down in sparring session with former K-1 best, Rukiya Anpo

Sporting a blue Gi, the Kung Fu practitioner in question is immediately laced to the body with a series of sharp, stabbing front kicks, as Anpo then begins to lash through with leg kicks, before throwing his lower limbs higher. A well-placed front teep kick also drops the Kung Fu practitioner early

Throughout the sparring session, which lasted a round, Anpo really begins to unload on the Kung Fu practitioner, landing a series of winging hooks and countless flurries of strikes with his hands, visibly staggering and wobbling the Kung Fu master. 

Before the buzzer signals the end of the frame, the Kung Fu master is backed to the corners of the padded room, with Anpo unleashing a series of winging hooks, catching him clean on almost every output, before the klaxon sounds, and the Kung Fu practitioner bows and smiles after finding himself on the receiving end of a series of knee strikes to the midsection.

Anpo, 26, has managed to score 23 separate career victories and has lodged 12 separate knockout wins over the course of his professional kickboxing career. Anpo has a background in both kickboxing as well as Kyokushin karate. 

The former K-1 super lightweight champion is currently competing at the welterweight limit under the organization’s banner and holds a series of notable wins over the likes of Fukashi, Kaew Fairtex, Daizo Sasaki, Hideaki Yamazaki, Kenta Hayashi, and Deng Zeqi to name a few. 

The two-time K-1 Knockout of the Year victor has been awarded those accolades for highlight-reel knockout wins over both Hiroshi Mizumachi and the aforenoted, Yamazaki.