Kamaru Usman Believes Jorge Masvidal & Colby Covington May Underestimate Eachother At UFC 272

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman feels that his former foes and UFC 272 headliners Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington potentially could be overlooking one another.

If there’s one man who knows Masvidal and Covington, it’s the current UFC welterweight. Usman, having bested both men, twice, would have a unique perspective on this weekend’s main event in Las Vegas.

Years in the making, we will finally see the grudge match of friends turned enemies, in what has turned out to be one of the UFC’s biggest rivalries. Covington and Masvidal spent years training together at American Top Team, sparring and drilling for countless rounds with one another.

This relationship and familiarity with one another is what Usman feels could be the downfall of both men

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“In this fight, Colby’s going to realize that it’s harder to take Masvidal down in an actual fight than when they were in practice,” Usman explained to ESPN. “I know in his mind he’s going to expect it to be like it was when they practiced but they spent some time apart and I think he’s going to realize it’s a lot harder to take him down in a fight than it is from practice.

“Masvidal, on the flip side, I think he’s going to realize that it’s a lot harder to strike with this guy now than back when ‘I was beating him up when he first came into the sport.’”

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Kamaru Usman Discusses The Mind Games Of Covington Vs. Masvidal

Neither Masvidal nor Covington are known for holding their tongues about their opponents but their genuine hatred for one another has seen it go to another level. Insults and threats have been thrown back and forth for months the animosity seems to be building as the fight but Usman feels these mind games could affect the outcome.

“I believe that whoever can keep their ego in check is who’s going to have the slight edge.” Usman said when talking to Megan Olivi but we can already see how it’s playing out here and who’s kinda getting the better of who.”

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“Tell me Kamaru, who?” Olivi quickly replied.

“Ah, it’s very tough,” Usman replied, “like I said I’m kinda a fan of both guys like I’m a fan of a lot of guys in the UFC. I wanna say Colby is kind of, because, with Covington, there is no line. He’s willing to step all on that line and around it and over it and maybe pee on the line he’s willing to do all that to potentially get that reaction.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

Do you agree with Kamaru Usman? could Covington and Masvidal overlook each other?