Kamaru Usman Questions Colby Covington Blurring The Lines Of Gimmick

Colby Covington
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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman doesn’t understand how Colby Covington can go back-and-forth when it comes to his gimmick.

Covington comfortably outpointed Robbie Lawler in their UFC Newark headliner this past weekend. The buildup to the fight was heated with Covington accusing Lawler of leaving American Top Team over a picture and promising to avenge the gym. However, after the fight, the two embraced each other which wasn’t much of a surprise.

However, Covington proceeded to take a shot at Lawler’s mentor and longtime friend Matt Hughes afterwards, referencing the UFC Hall of Famer’s train accident. And that’s the part which confuses Usman:

“So this is the thing that I don’t understand,” Usman said speaking to Chael Sonnen in a recent video (via MMA Junkie). “I understand what he’s doing. I get it, and I appreciate it. As much as I don’t like him, I appreciate it what he is doing, but the problem is, now you blur those lines, because if you actually watch that fight, you watch what happened at the end, yeah he talked all that about Robbie, this and that, basically trying to sell the fight, I get that. Then after the fight, you’re shaking hands, you actually watch him say, ‘I love you, man.’ Basically stating that I want you to understand that I’m just selling this fight here, that it’s no hard feelings.

“I get that, but then you get back on the mic and you say something as personal as that, that blurs all lines from entertainment to personal because that is personal. I’m pretty sure that’s not something Matt Hughes would say, ‘Hey, yeah, go ahead and use that. That’s fine. Talk about that.’”

Coincidentally, Sonnen theorized in another video stating just that — that Hughes was in on the train insult.

Regardless, what do you think of Usman’s comments about Covington?

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