Josh Koscheck Is Not Very Fond Of The UFC

josh koscheck

Josh Koscheck had a somewhat successful career in the UFC, compiling a record of 14-10. He is most known for challenging Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title at UFC 124, only to come up short in a five round decision loss.

After losing his last five fights in the UFC, Dana White and company made the choice to get rid of the former Ultimate Fighter Season 1 contestant. Since being released, Koscheck has signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator.

In an interview with, Koscheck resorted to speaking about how he really feels about his former employer.

“Finally, I get to take my handcuffs off and don’t have to be tied to the UFC rules, restrictions, and underground rules. Like, ‘Oh, we’ll take care of you if you do what we say.’ Yeah, I went along with the game just like all of these fighters are now. I got some good bonuses, absolutely, but some fights I thought I deserved a bigger bonus, or a better bonus for stepping up on short notice.”

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Koscheck does have a clear point, despite being on a losing streak that would have ended anybody else’s tenure with the UFC. Lately, fighters have been complaining that they don’t make enough money in the UFC, and could simply sign somewhere else for much more money. And we don’t even need to get into the Reebok Deal, which has some fighters incredibly upset.

In the end of the day, Koscheck was not meeting the UFC standards. He is a talented fighter, with fights left in him, and I am glad he found his fit in Bellator.

Do you support Koscheck’s statements, or is he simply speaking out of anger towards the UFC?