Jorge Masvidal Responds To Ben Askren Jibe Saying To Thank Him For Popularity

Jorge Masvidal
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Ben Askren recently claimed that Jorge Masvidal should thank him for his increase in popularity. Askren was the recipient of the fastest knockout in UFC history when Masvidal connected with a flying knee at UFC 239 last month.

As a result, the popularity of “Gamebred” has skyrocketed with even talks of a fight with Conor McGregor. And Askren believes it’s all thanks to him.

“I will acknowledge that I made him this popular,” Askren said. “I brought the best in him. So it’s fine, it’s part of the game. We were the most anticipated fight by far on the biggest card of the year. And it definitely wasn’t because Jorge decided not to show up to two different press events. It was because I made it that way.

“Jorge can say I’m a dick, or whatever the hell he wants to say about me, but if he wasn’t so rude, he should probably say, ‘thank you for making me a lot of money.'”

Participating in a media scrum for UFC Uruguay, Masvidal finally responded with a thank you, but not in a way that Askren would have expected:

“I don’t know. See to thank him, I thank everybody that stepped in there to fight (against me) so he can get the general thank you,” Masvidal said (via BJ Penn). “But he didn’t do nothing for me. I did everything for that moment. That moment was, that was me doing that. That isn’t the first time I’ve knocked someone out with a flying knee and it won’t be the last either.

“So in a way, thanks to Ben’s chin for being in collision with my f*cking knee. So thank you to your f*cking chin Ben.”

There’s certainly no love lost between these two and it looks like remaining that way for a while.

What do you think of Masvidal’s response?

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