It was a big week for UFC welterweight vet Jorge Masvidal.

“”Gamebred” knocked out Darren Till cold in the main event of UFC London Saturday (March 16, 2019). Till knocked out the No. 3-ranked welterweight in the world after over a year off from fighting. However, that was overshadowed due to some post-fight antics.

Masvidal and UFC London co-main event winner Leon Edwards got into a backstage brawl. Speaking during “Ariel Helwani‘s MMA Show” today (Mon. March 18, 2019) Masvidal opened up on the situation (via MMA Mania):

“They keep bringing that up. I’m even offended that it gets brought up right now. But, whatever, that’s what the clickbait lives for and I gave it to them,” Masvidal said.

 “It’s just stupid, it’s something that happened. I wish in some way I could control myself, but I can’t let someone disrespect me. This guy has been attacking me on social media, talking crap all of the time,” Masvidal added.

Focusing On The Wrong Person

What frustrates Masvidal even more about the entire ordeal is that his win over Till has essentially been overshadowed. Rather than talking about his amazing knockout win over the young Englishman, the focus is on his backstage brawl with Edwards:

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“It’s not that I wish I didn’t do it, I just wish it wouldn’t get more attention than what I actually love to do, which is fight, you know? I got upset because I’m just tired of this individual disrespecting me already. Then he goes in on my interview and does this. Enough,” Masvidal said.

“And now it pisses me off that it gets more attention than the Till fight when he doesn’t deserve a click. He doesn’t deserve a view, anything. I know they love the drama, but it’s taking away from my performance.

“So if you are my fan, speak about my performance fighting No. 3 in the world, not some dude that nobody knows backstage. Who is that guy? I’m making this dude famous. We spent 70-percent of my interview talking about some bum.”