Jorge Masvidal offers to meet ex-UFC star Nate Diaz in street fight rematch: ‘Just meet up face to face’

Nate Diaz set to fight Jorge Masvidal in boxing rematch in Inglewood on June 1

Former UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal continues the campaign in an attempt to lock in a Nate Diaz boxing match. 

Now 10 months on from his retirement from MMA, Masvidal is now determined to get into the boxing match. There had been an announcement from Happy Punch that the 39-year-old would be boxing Nate Diaz on their platform, but it now appears nothing has been made official. 

Jorge Masvidal eyes Nate Diaz rematch this year

Now it seems that Jorge Masvidal is willing to hurl some trash talk Nate Diaz’s way in order to reel in the Stockton native. 

“I was out in Cali for a couple days and I was like, you know what, let me stop by Stockton,” Masvidal said during an interview with MMA Fighting. “I’ve never been there, I heard the tacos are good there, maybe I’ll run into Nate and we can make this fight happen. So I was like yeah, let’s go over there. Took the squad over there, wrote down my number on a piece of paper, started handing it out to people who looked like they might know Nate Diaz. I’m at the butcher shop and he was like, ‘I know Nate well!’ I was like, that’s funny because he’s vegan. But whatever, I’m looking for beef, so you just let me know how to find this motherf******.

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“I heard Nate’s not that good with the technology. Neither am I, so f*** it, maybe we’ll just do this old-school style. Just meet up on the face to face and make this s*** happen.”  

Diaz made his boxing debut against Jake Paul last August, losing a one-sided decision and while never the easiest to read, seems keen on continuing to fight. 

Masvidal on the other hand seems very desperate to box after the recent explosion in crossover boxing events.

Who would win in a boxing match Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz?