Jorge Masvidal isn’t convinced that Colby Covington will be the next man to challenge Leon Edwards.

Despite Covington’s lack of activity in the last year and an unimpressive record of 2-2 in his last four outings, Dana White seems convinced that ‘Chaos’ is the most logical choice for a welterweight title opportunity. The UFC president doubled down on that belief during his appearance at the UFC San Antonio post-fight press event, but ‘Gamebred’ sees things going very differently.

Addressing White’s insistence that Colby Covington is the top contender, Jorge Masvidal believes those plans will change should he take care of business on April 8 against Gilbert Burns.

“I love Dana, but Dana says a lot of things,” Jorge Masvidal told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “History says one thing. Whoever makes the most noise when they fight… Whoever f*cking sells the most pay-per-views. Whoever fans want to see at the end of the day, that’s who’ll get the title shot, and on top of it, as I recall, champions have always called the shot and Colby is only the champion of calling the cops, that c*ck sucking b*tch p*ssy a** motherf*cker.

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“I’m just gonna continue to do me. I’m gonna go out there and break f*ckin’ Gilbert Burns’ face and then Leon’s gonna call my name out and then I’m gonna go fight Leon for this belt and that’s it. Colby can just go sit in the time-out box until they call his a** to fight me again.”

At UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal will return for a high-stakes matchup with No. 5 ranked contender Gilbert Burns. If Masvidal manages to get his hand raised, it would set the stage for a showdown more than three years in the making with Leon Edwards.

Jorge Masvidal Says His Business With Colby Covington is Far From Over

With a win over Gilbert Burns next month, Jorge Masvidal believes the chips will begin to fall into place, eventually leading him to another opportunity to match up with his former friend turned bitter rival inside the Octagon. Currently, Masvidal is embroiled in a court case scheduled to resume in May after the Miami native allegedly attacked Colby Covington outside of a Miami steakhouse. Per reports, ‘Chaos’ suffered a chipped tooth, an abrasion on his wrist, and a brain injury.

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Unable to discuss in great detail, ‘Gamebred’ briefly spoke about the alleged attack as the so-called injuries that Covington reportedly sustained.

“Colby was saying he had a brain injury and this brain injury was allegedly because of me,” Masvisal said. “So it’s just funny to me, all this bullsh*t, and he was just trying to sue me after, saying numerous things like if he’d seen me in the streets he’d f*ckin’ leave me in a puddle of my own blood and all this sh*t on a podcast heard by over two million people. This guy’s delusional bro. This guy’s going on saying one thing and does the complete opposite so I don’t think anything of this guy. There’s nobody in this sport I firmly dislike, but him. He’s not my cup of tea.”

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Jorge Masvidal did have an opportunity to legally beat up Covington when the pair met inside the Octagon at UFC 272 last year. ‘Chaos’ relied on his wrestling to score a unanimous decision victory, but if ‘Gamebred’ gets his way, they’ll run it back before it’s all said and done.

“I’ll tell you this much, when we get in the cage again, I’m gonna kill his a** legally. I’ve been training since the moment that fight was done. Preparing for him and those wrestling-type f*cks,” Masvidal concluded.

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