Leon Edwards still wants fight with UFC rival Jorge Masvidal ‘On the street’ or in the Octagon

leon edwards

Reigning UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards, still wants to settle his ongoing feud with Jorge Masvidal, whether it be in the Octagon or not.

Edwards’ and Masvidal’s careers became intertwined on the night of March 16, 2019, where the two earned respective wins as part of a UFC London card. The pair would exchange a seemingly harmless back-and-forth backstage, with Edwards attempting to set up a potential showdown.

Then, arms crossed behind his back, Masvidal would approach Edwards before punching him several times as he drew closer, cutting Edwards open. This of course would be the incident for Masvidal’s ‘three-piece and a soda’ line, which further added to the American’s star power.

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Leon Edwards wants revenge

The incident of course led to Edwards receiving a wave of criticism and jokes being directed at him, with it doing nothing for his reputation. Now though, as champion, Edwards calls the shots and nearing four years on, still wants to get payback.

Talking to talkSPORT, Edwards described the fight as one that has to happen and in an ideal world, would be facing Masvidal on the March 26 date, pushing the Usman bout back

That’s a fight that I need to happen and has to happen, even on the street or in the Octagon”, said Edwards.

That’s a fight I feel needs to happen. Not just for me, but for the fans to see the difference in skillset and everything.”

You know, he’s coming off a three-fight losing streak,” ‘Rocky’ continued. “It’s difficult to [make that] fight. I would have loved him to have a fight in December or something, get a good, top-five win. Then I [would have] fought him in March. I would have pushed Usman back to the summer and fought him in March.”

Leon Edwards talking to talkSPORT

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