Following his recent arrest for assault on Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal reaffirms his position on trash talk, stating that “there’s lines that you just don’t cross.”

Just a couple of weeks on from their headlining bout at UFC 272, Masvidal was charged on two counts after he allegedly ran up to Covington in a restaurant, striking him twice in the face.

The alleged assault, which was allegedly carried out while Masvidal was wearing some kind of mask to hide his appearance, resulted in Covington suffering a fractured tooth and an abrasion to his wrist. Masvidal also allegedly caused damages to Covington’s $90,000 Rolex worth a reported $15,000.

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Jorge Masvidal’s mugshot following his arrest

Jorge Masvidal Breaks His Silence

Since the incident, there has been nothing but radio silence from Masvidal, but now speaking to Logan Paul on his podcast ‘Impaulsive’, ‘Gamebred’ shared his side.

“Lines that you just don’t cross is I don’t care how much I dislike any of you.” Masvidal said, “I’m not gonna talk about your moms, your kids, I don’t care about your significant other. For my problems with you, then you, I come at,”

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“I definitely think there has to be lines drawn because if not, it’ll just keep going and going.”

“And when you’re involving other people, like, if I was to say something about your wife, let’s say, and you get home and then you have to answer to your wife, I’m putting you in a f—ked up spot for no reason.”

“That’s not professional, right?” Masvidal continued, ‘that’s on your personal. So then, if you, one day, see him, and you’re like, ‘Yo, what’s all this shit you were talking about?’ It’s no longer professional. It’s back to the personal.”

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“We keep it either professional or we don’t,” he said. “And though I come from an environment that’s way different than with the pro fighting side.”

As for Masvidal, he is currently sitting as the No.8 in the UFC’s welterweight rankings following a disappointing three-fight skid but is hopeful of regaining momentum, pledging to ‘get right back to work, in a different way.’

Do you think Jorge Masvidal was wrong for what he did?