Jordan Burroughs: Wrestling World Champion

Jordan Burroughs Wrestling World Champion

When you list all of the great modern wrestlers, Jordan Burroughs is always one of the first mentioned. Burroughs has had one of the most successful amateur wrestling careers with over 30 major championships to his name.

Birth Name:Jordan Ernest Burroughs
Date of Birth:July 8th, 1988
Place of Birth:Camden, New Jersey, U.S.
Hometown: Camden, New Jersey
College: University of Nebraska
Wrestling Style: Freestyle
Coaches:Mark Manning, Brandon Slay
Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight:174 Ib (79 kg)
Weight Class:163 lbs(74 kg)
Championships:6x World Champion, 1x Olympic Champion, 6x Pan American Champion, 4x US Open Champion, 3x Pan American Games Champion, 2x NCAA National Champion

Here’s a short bio on the career of amateur wrestling GOAT Jordan Burroughs. Detailing his illustrious wrestling career of one of the best athletes in freestyle wrestling history.

Jordan Burroughs Start in Wrestling 

Jordan Burroughs is a New Jersey native, who spent his childhood growing up within the state. From an early age, Jordan showed that he was a natural athlete.

Going into high school, he was a three-sport athlete who excelled at American football, running, and wrestling. Burroughs initially wanted to be a wide receiver in the NFL but decided to focus on wrestling while in high school.

Jordan would win district and state wrestling titles every year of his high school wrestling career. In his senior year in 2006, Burroughs won the national title. 

He ended his high school wrestling career with a record of 115-20. 

Jordon Burroughs’ Collegiate Wrestling Career 

Jordan’s impressive high school wrestling career earned him a scholarship from the University of Nebraska. Going into his college freshman year, Jordan was the 52nd-ranked wrestller in his division.

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His freshman year would end with a disappointing record of 15-13 on the season. This bad year motivated Burroughs to come back stronger the next year.

Jordan showed significant improvements in his sophomore year. Not only winning the Big 12 Championship but also breaking the single-season takedown record with 98 dual takedowns.

Burrough’s 2008-09  junior year would be when he finally won the big one in collegiate wrestling. That year, Jordan won the Big 12 Championships and his first national title.

Going into his senior year, Burroughs was ranked as the best 74-kilo freestyle wrestler in the country. He continued to prove that he was the best wrestler in the nation as he became a two-time NCAA national champion.

Jordan’s First World Championship 

Fresh off of winning his 2nd NCAA title, Jordan would take his shot at international competition. The 2x college champion went to Istanbul for the 2011 World Freestyle Wrestling Championship.

Burroughs proved he was the best in the world by dominating all 5 of his opponents to earn his first world title.

Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs: 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

A year after winning his first world title, Jordan made his Olympic debut at the 2012 Games in London. Being the reigning freestyle world champion, Jordan was the heavy favorite coming into the event.

Boroughs didn’t disappoint as the world champ was one again dominant in his Olympic debut. Jordan shut out 3 of his 5 opponents to win Olympic gold.

Jordan’s World Championship Wins(2013, 2015)

After focusing on the Olympics in 2012, Jordan Burroughs returned to the 2013 World Freestyle Championship. That year’s event took place in Budapest, Hungary in front of 20,000 spectators.

In usual Jordan fashion, he swept all five of his opponents to win his second world title.

The 2x world champ came up short for his 3rd world title in 2014. Having to settle for a bronze medal after losing to Russian wrestler Denis Tsargush in the quarterfinals.

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2015 showed a rejuvenated Jordan Burroughs, who was ready to reclaim his 3rd title. It was another vintage Burroughs performance as he swept the 74 kilo division again.

Jordan’s World Championship Wins(2017, 2021, 2022)

Jordan would take a long time away from wrestling after a disappointing finish at the 2016 Olympics. Once Jordan cleared his head, he returned in shape and ready for competition in 2017.

The next three years would be some of the more difficult years of Jordan’s career. He would get close to winning major titles, but would get shocked in the semifinals and finals.

When 2021 came around, many experts believed Jordan’s prime was winding down. Burroughs would quickly prove his doubters wrong as he came in 2021 in vintage form.

He earned his fifth freestyle world title and entered his name into the history books. However, after 5 world titles, Burroughs was still not satisfied.

The wrestling legend returned in 2022 to win his historical 6th freestyle world title. 

Burroughs’ Other Major Wrestling Accolades

Along with winning six world titles and one Olympic gold medal, Jordan Burroughs has won every other major wrestling title. Not only one, but multiple times

  • 6x World Cup Champion
  • 6x Pan American Champion
  • 4x US Open Champion
  • 3x Pan American Games Champion
  • 3x Yasar Dagu Tournament Champion
  • 2x NCAA National Champion
  • 3x Big 12 Champion

The Kyle Dake vs. Jordan Burrough’s Rivalry

Throughout the long career of Jordan Burroughs, he has faced some of the best wrestlers ever. But easily the most notable rivalry of his career has come against Olympic champion Kyle Dake.

For over the decade, the two American wrestlers have battled each other in numerous tournaments. Many of the time it was fighting over a spot on the US Olympic team.

The first meeting between the two took place at the 2013 US World Team Trials. Burroughs faced Dake in 2 best of five matches to earn a spot on the US men’s freestyle team.

Jordan easily beat Dake in the first round, but the two went to war in the final match, which Burroughs also won.

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Two years later, the two met again in the finals of the 2015 US Team Trials. Once again, Jordan took both matches against Dake to earn his spot.

Kyle Dake finally got a win at the 2017 US Team Trials, but dropped the last two matches to lose the series. Dake finally got the better of Burroughs and won their series of matches at the 2020 US Team Trials.

These two wrestling champions do not like each other and let it be known whenever they see one another. Their rivalry is one of the great in history, which is still ongoing.

Jordan Burroughs Wrestler

The Signature Moves of Jordan Burroughs

Jordan is known for having one of the most unstoppable double-leg takedowns in wrestling. He is always able to stay in position and set up explosive double legs.

Burroughs’ ability to use his fast footwork a level change to get under his opponents and drive for his double. This has made Jordan’s double-leg takedown one of the hardest to defend in the sport today.

The Training of Jordan Burroughs

What makes Jordan Burroughs a champion is his dedication. Even though wrestling season only makes up part of the year, Jordan stays in shape.

He never stops training and is never out of shape. Everything he does, from wrestling to conditioning training, is done at a high intensity.

All of his workouts revolve around Jordan, creating explosiveness and never getting tired. This type of training is why Burroughs is one of the most successful wrestlers ever.

Jordan Burroughs to MMA?

During Jordan’s reign of dominance in wrestling, he was frequently asked if he would ever transition to MMA. Burroughs finally answered this question for the fans on an episode of the JRE podcast.

Jordan stated that he never had any intentions to transfer to MMA. He stated that wrestling is his passion and something he will hopefully continue to do at an elite level. Don’t expect the 35-year-old wrestling champion to switch over to MMA any time soon.

Jordan Burroughs Boxing gloves

The Legacy of Jordan Burroughs

Regarding the legacy of Jordan Burroughs, the wrestling legend has already cemented it. Burroughs is one of the most decorated athletes in amateur wrestling history.

Even in his 30s, Jordan Burroughs still proves he’s one of the best wrestlers in history. Don’t be surprised to see Jordan add more accolades to his already legendary career.