Jon Jones Drug Test Shows Very Low Testosterone, More Results To Come

jones drug test
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The strange story of the Jon Jones drug test continues to deepen, as some rather interesting scripture has begun circling the interwebs. Following his pre-UFC 182 failed drug test, “Bones” went in to a drug rehabilitation clinic and issued a public apology. The indicator of cocaine in the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) suggests that the champ has some issues going on in his personal life.

Whether you side with or against Jones, you may be interested in hearing that there is another drug test (post UFC 182), the results of which have not been released yet. With “Bones” out of touch in rehab, a list of results was posted to Twitter by journalist and boxing HOF (hall of fame) inductee Kevin Iole:

Iole also noted that there is one more set of results due early next week at some time, that were taken after UFC 182.

Note that the test results on the first Tweet are from the 18th of December 2015, whereas original reports were that Jones was tested on December 4th. In fact he was tested on December 4th & the 18th and again after UFC 182. But it looks like he was only tested for cocaine ‘by accident’, and was subsequently not tested for ‘street drugs’ on the 18th, even after failing a drug test for cocain (!?)

This according to NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) officials via

“That was a bit of an anomaly that will be addressed [at the next NAC hearing on] Jan. 12. It was not a report requested by the NAC. It appears to have been an administrative oversight.”

Jones was actually tested twice on Dec. 4 because, according to Bennett, his first urine sample was a bit “watery.” Both tests were positive for cocaine metabolites.

Jones’ next out-of-competition drug screening following the Dec. 4 test came on Dec. 18. He passed that test, however, he was not tested for cocaine because, as Bennett stated, that was an “anomaly.”

“Just for out of competition drugs such as anabolic steroids, no street drugs,”

This story just keeps getting weirder. Right now we know that Jones has been tested three times since December 4th 2013. We know the results of two tests, the cocaine from December 4th was out of his system by the 18th, and his testosterone was 1/5 that of an average male, likely as a direct result of cocaine use**. Also, the report indicated that “Bones” was not notified of the failed test before UFC 182.

We’ll keep you updated as more arises.

**Information source CM Heesch 1996 Sep;278(3):1195-200.