This week former title contender Jon Fitch sat down with sportsnet to talk about the upcoming title bout against GSP and his teammate Josh Koscheck. Not surprisingly, Fitch is picking Kos to beat GSP, and says that if it happens and Josh successfully defends his belt, he’ll move up to middleweight indefinitely.

“The first fight, Koscheck lost the fight to a takedown. He won the first round, lost the second round and in the third he shoots a single, switches of to a double and Georges is able to defend it and sprawl and Josh has to pull guard,” Fitch said. “That was the deciding factor in that fight, so it will be interesting to see where this fight goes now. I don’t know if will be as much of a wrestling match as it was the first time. There might be a lot more striking involved. It’s a tough fight and its an interesting fight, but I think Koscheck’s gonna win it.”

“To me there’s no reason to fight a teammate. It’s just not a fight we’re interested in at all,” Fitch explained. “It’s a situation where, if Koscheck is able to win the belt and defend the belt, I will move up to 185. I think I have a good size frame. I can put on 15 pounds. I may have to take a month off or so to put on some weight, but that process may take over a year from now. I’ll have fought every welterweight worth fighting by then.”

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Fitch won’t be going anywhere and it sounds like he isn’t 100 percent convinced he’ll need to jump up in weight either.

“If Georges wins I’ll be waiting on the front doorsteps with flowers for a title shot.”