Joe Rogan has been the UFC’s color commentator for more than two decades. The last time we saw Rogan at a UFC fight was on UFC 256 main card (December 2020). Nowadays, he is one of the biggest faces in podcasting and comedy. This along with the fact he has been in UFC for so long makes him prone to criticism, like any other mediatic figure. He commentates any US fight and typically Jon Anik is sitting next to him as the UFC’s lead play-by-play voice. They are usually joined by well as another color commentator such as former dual weight champion Daniel Cormier or bantamweight legend Dominick Cruz.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Anik admitted he sees the online critics after UFC events, he said.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to assess the totality of a broadcast right after the fact. And really, I would need to, not unlike a fan or media member, go back and fine-tooth comb the thing to address specific criticisms. I can tell you that for me, I do try to take that constructive criticism and employ it in the next show. I mean, for all the noise that’s out there, there is certainly some constructive stuff that I think you can take to the next show.”

Rogan has been a particular target for some fans lately. Anik is aware of this too and looked to defend his colleague, he said.

“I have seen some of that [criticism]. I think that the social media space after these live events can be a tough place for us to sort of engage and habitat. But I think for Joe, there are a lot of different factors. I think he is never been happier in that broadcast booth. And I hate to put words in his mouth, but I really think he enjoys the dynamic. He was in a two-man booth forever, where he was just working with a play-by-play guy, he couldn’t bounce off of a fighter.”

“I think it’s been an adjustment for all of us,” Anik added. “I mean, my job, as I’ve said to you is a totally different thing in a three-man booth versus a two-man booth in terms of the real estate that I have, in terms of what is asked of me. But no broadcast is the same. And I can assure you big picture like we do look at everything that people say, and we ain’t trying to get worse like we’re trying to get better.” (Transcribed by

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