John Dodson Outclasses Eddie Wineland For Decision Win


Former UFC flyweight title-challenger John Dodson continued his bantamweight run at UFC Nashville tonight (Sat. April 22, 2017), when he went to battle with No. 10-ranked Eddie Wineland.

Round One:

Lots of faints from Wineland to open up the first round, but Dodson landed first with a nice body kick. Both men countered one another well but Dodson was able to land a shot to Wineland’s body followed by a leg kick.

Wineland then struggled to find his range against the former flyweight title-challenger, who rushed in with a nice combination to Wineland’s body to back him against the fence. Dodson got in on a takedown attempt but was quickly pushed off. Wineland was then able to land a few quick strikes to ‘The Magician’s’ chin but they didn’t seem to do much damage.

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Both men wanted to play the role of counter-striker it seemed, giving this round a very slow, uneventful feel. The round ended after two nice left hands landed for Dodson.

Round Two:

Both men up the speed to open round two but Dodson lands a very nice right hand to Wineland’s chin first. Dodson lands a body kick but eats a right hand simultaneously. Dodson lands a front body kick but can’t find a home for it on the second attempt. Another high-kick attempt from Dodson ends with him eating a punch.

Dodson eats a jab but responds with a very nice right hand to Wineland’s chin. The crowd showers the pair with booes for the lack of action, and Dodson responds with a big straight right. A big high kick lands for Dodson, Wineland catches it late and Dodson falls down but shoots right back up.

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Wineland eats a knee to the nose from Dodson after shooting in on a takedown and he’s cut on the bridge of his nose. Dodson then explodes with a reign of strikes to pressure Wineland back against the cage before backing up again. The round ends with both men feeling each other out, and the crowd booing.

Round Three:

The pace of this one didn’t let up in the final 15, as both men slipped each-other’s strikes back-and-forth, with Dodson barely landing a right hand. Dodson bursted into the pocket and landed a nice right hand as Wineland backed away. Wineland barely missed on an uppercut, and Dodson exploded in again with two left hands landing.

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A nice switch kick to the body landed for Dodson, who then had one of his front kicks caught but Wineland let go and did nothing with it. Those cuts are actually coming from Wineland’s eyes, and both are showing blood now. Dodson landed a right hand, left kick to the body as he ate a right hand from Wineland.

Dodson again landed a few body kicks and continued to evade Wineland’s attacks to end the round. The crowd booed after what they feel was a very lackluster performance from both men.

Official Result: John Dodson def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)