Joe Rogan: Who Knows What Wacky S*** Jon Jones Was Taking

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Former undisputed light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones found himself in a spot of bother again before UFC 200. After serving a suspension that saw him stripped of the 205-pound title, Jones’ return at UFC 197 was lacklustre. There was no question about the decision win over Ovince St-Preux, but Jones did not look the same. Was it ring rust? Daniel Cormier believed the best Jon Jones had been and gone, and pointed out the impact of all the partying. The failed drug test for cocaine, his infamous New Mexico hit-and-run that lost him the title, and the self-confessed Marijuana addiction were now apparently a thing of the past.

Then came the shocking news of Jones’ failed drug test. USADA had found a banned substance in a June 16 random dope screen, once again putting the troubled ‘Bones’ in the sin bin. The interim champion held a press conference after being pulled from UFC 200 on just three days notice. Protesting his innocence in an emotion-fuelled interview, Jones claimed he had no knowledge of the banned substance. At this point nobody knew what USADA had found.

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The Big Reveal

It wasn’t too long before we learned that Clomiphene was the banned substance in Jon Jones’ system. The anti-estrogen typically used after a steroid cycle is not allowed in or out of competition. Ironically this same substance was found in both of Brock Lesnar’s failed UFC 200 drug tests. ‘Bones’ remained quiet as he was removed from the official light-heavyweight and P4P rankings. Until yesterday.

Claiming he had some ‘good news’ for his legion of followers, Jones has led many to believe he’s making some progress with the USADA testers. Perhaps it was a tainted supplement after all, there are numerous recent cases that can attest to the real possibility of this happening. Both Tim Means and Yoel Romero had recent suspensions overturned following similar circumstance.

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Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Joe Rogan on Jon Jones

During a recent episode of his popular podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan gave his opinion on Jon Jones. Bearing in mind this was filmed before the Jones message to his fans about ‘good news,’ it still raises some interesting questions and points for debate.

“I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with doing blow, I don’t think it’s a positive drug, but some people enjoy it. Some people enjoy drinking, I enjoy drinking, ad I don’t think that’s a positive drug. But (cocaine) is not something you are supposed to be doing three weeks outside of a world title fight. You’re out doing blow just 21 days before, that’s crazy.”

“If you ask his coaches they’ll tell you he surrounds himself with the wrong people. Jon is an extremely talented guy. Maybe one of the most talented guys to ever compete in the sport. When the chips are down he gets through things, he overcomes adversity.”

“Isn’t there also the issues that fighters have impulse control problems? There are direct correlations between head impacts and impulse control. It can’t be good to get kicked in the head, or punched in the face, any kind of impact causes your brain to get jostled.”

“The stuff he tested positive for, anti-estrogen, that’s not even beneficial. The only time its beneficial is when you’re coming off steroids, but he didn’t test positive for steroids before. It could have been a tainted supplement, who knows what wacky shit he was taking. I don’t know.”