Listening to The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is a turn off to girls according to new study

joe rogan

If you want to be more appealing to women, listening to Joe Rogan will not help you a new study finds.

While Rogan has been a prominent figure within the MMA community for some time, also gaining fame through his time doing stand-up and appearing on TV shows such as Fear Factor – the 56-year-old has risen to enormous fame thanks to his podcast.

The Joe Rogan experience attracts millions of listeners and has been a part of major pop culture moments. It is particularly popular with males and has become synonymous with ‘bro’ culture.

However, being an avid fan and listener might not be the first thing you mention when trying to get a date according to Change. 55% of women who were questioned said that listening to Joe Rogan was a ‘red flag’ in a man.

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While Rogan has produced interesting and hilarious content throughout the years, his product has come under heavy scrutiny. Rogan has come under fire for what made on the podcast, including the use of racial slurs, pandemic-related claims and ‘platforming’ people who some deem as not worthy of it.

How long will Joe Rogan be around the UFC?

While Rogan seems that he will remain a massive fan of the sport, his time on the broadcast desk will come to an end at some point. Rogan has never given an exact timetable of when he will call it a day but has stated that if UFC CEO Dana White leaves, he will also go.

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“If Dana leaves, I’m gone,” Rogan said via his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience. “It’s in my contract.”

Rogan is selective on the pay-per-views that he now does and will not travel outside of the U.S. to commentate.

What is your favorite Joe Rogan moment in the UFC?