Jimmy Smith Finds 13 Full-Sized Staples Inside Chipotle Burrito

Jimmy Smith
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Former Bellator & UFC commentator Jimmy Smith claims to have found 13 full-sized staples inside his Chipotle burrito.

Smith, 41, stopped at the McDonald’s-owned Mexican restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida, for a bite to eat. Little did Smith know what his Chipotle burrito would contain.

“Look what I just pulled out of my @ChipotleTweets burrito!! 9 FULL-SIZED STAPLES!!!!! Are you kidding me!?! Had to yank one out of my teeth!! Didn’t even search the rest of the burrito but I’m sure not eating it,” Smith tweeted alongside a close-up photo of the staples.

It got worse from there, as Smith would post another picture on Twitter. This time showing his partially eaten burrito next to his receipt. Oh yeah, he found four more staples too.

“Found 4 more!! That’s 13 FULL-SIZED STAPLES IN A SINGLE BITE OF @ChipotleTweets BURRITO!!” he wrote.

Smith spoke to TMZ regarding the alleged incident and said the reason why he took this issue to social media is so something like this never happens again.

“I took one bite and there was something hard in there, and I pulled it out of my tooth and it was 14 staples — like a brick of staples,” he told the outlet. “It split up in my mouth and I pulled it out and looked at it and went… there are actual staples in my burrito.”

Smith said he “freaked out” on the manager when he called him over to complain and the manager suggested that they make his food order again.

“I went, ‘No! I don’t want you to touch any of my food,” Smith said, adding that “Staples shouldn’t be anywhere near the food!”

When asked if he was going to take legal action over the incident, Smith said “he’s not that guy,” he just hopes the restaurant changes things up.

According to Smith, who is very optimistic considering the circumstances, “It wasn’t that bad. If I had swallowed those things, yes, then we got a problem. But… this can’t happen to somebody else.”

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