Jesse Ronson Announces 20-Month USADA Suspension

Jesse Ronson

Jesse Ronson is going to have a wait a while before making his return to the octagon following a big win in July.

Ronson shocked MMA fans when he returned to the UFC to stop Nicolas Dalby in the first round at UFC on ESPN 14. The Canadian’s first UFC run ended after he found himself on the wrong end of three straight split-decisions and a failed weight cut. Ronson earned his way back to the UFC following a strong run on the regional scene, despite falling short in two PFL fights. The finish left fans excited to see what Ronson would accomplish in his next outing, but now it appears that they’re going to have to wait.

Ronson took to his Facebook page to announce that he had failed an out-of-competition drug test with USADA, after testing positive for Metandienone. While he initially denied any wrongdoing and appealed the punishment, he has now accepted the 20-month suspension.

“Hello everyone. It is with great surprise, and sadness that I have to inform you that I have received a suspension from USADA for the detection of a banned substance in my sample provided to them during an out of competition test. This has turned my world upside down as it’s a 20 month suspension. I haven’t slept much and have been sick to my stomach as I would never knowingly or purposelytake a banned substance. The substance in question is Metandienone. USADA has been working with me for the last few weeks trying to find the reason for my failed test as they (USADA) along with me and my team believe its from a tainted supplement. After many hours and days of researching metandienone and finding that many over the counter supplements in the past have been contaminated with the substance such as Vitamin C, multi-vitamains, magnesium, bcaa’s, creatine and many others. I have sent what I believed to be the tainted supplement in to be tested for 1000USD to a testing facility, which it came back clean, thus I am at a loss as all the other supplements I was taking at the time have been consumed and I cannot send them in for testing to prove my innocence. Despite the high cost of 1000usd per supplement I would send them all in to clear my name and get a lesser suspension if I could but I can’t. Those who really know me know I would never take such a thing, as UFC is my dream job and goal and I have sacrificed so much of my time and life to achieve this goal and knowing USADA is very efficient and can drug test you at anytime and anywhere (blood and urine samples collected) and you have to provide your whereabouts 24/7 so they can come test you whenever. I would never jeopardize this by taking a steroid. I’m a supporter of USADA and its testing and I believe in the system to keep a clean fair sport. I won’t quit or give up and I will continue to grind and train and improve during this suspension time. I want to thank USADA for everything they do in keeping things safe and I will serve this sentence/punishment and turn it into a positive for myself and my life and make some changes to my supplementation so this doesn’t happen again. As a man of my word I strongly support the term “if you’re caught and you did it man up to it”. -I did not knowingly or purposely take this banned substance. Thank you everyone for reading. I’m devastated by this so bare with me if I don’t respond to comments or messages.”

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The length of Ronson’s suspension means he won’t be eligible to return to the octagon until July 2022. Given that he failed an out-of-competition test, it is unlikely that the outcome of his fight against Dalby will be changed.

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