Jeremy Stephens Won’t Stop Talking About Conor McGregor’s Mom

Stephens photo by Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports/McGregor photo by TMZ

Longtime veteran Jeremy Stephens may have his hands full with rising contender Dooho Choi in the main event of this weekend’s (Sun. January 14, 2017) UFC Fight Night 124 from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, but it appears he’s still trying to rustle up a rivalry with Conor McGregor.

After becoming one of MMA’s most quoted punchlines when McGregor famously said “who da fook is that guy” to Stephens’ trash talk at a press conference, Stephens took to Twitter a few months back to suggest that it was McGregor’s own mother who “knows who da fook” he was:

With the spotlight on him for the week, Stephens isn’t letting up on making his name by way of McGregor’s sport-redefining star power. During an interview with TMZ Sports, “Lil’ Heathen” said he would take McGregor’s mother Margaret on a date where his father would pick them up in a cab:

”His mom’s pretty hot too, she’s great,” Stephens said. “Maybe his dad can pick us up with the cab he used to drive and then take me and his mom out on a date. Hey bro, look at her. She’s not bad looking, right? She’s a lady right there … she’s always got the invite to be snugged up here under this right arm.”

McGregor may have been out of action for nearly 14 months, yet it doesn’t seem like a single conversation about mixed martial arts can arise without his name somehow becoming involved, evident by the fact just that has transpired concerning a Midwest-U.S. event that has nothing to do with him despite Stephens’ continued trash talk towards the absentee lightweight champion.

If he’s trying to make more of a name for himself on social media, it may be working, but at some point, his jabs grow may grow weary considering he’s light years away from ever getting an actual fight with “The Notorious.”