Jeremy Stephens vs. Yair Rodriguez 2 will now be a three-round fight — and for the former, that means a completely different contest.

Stephens and Rodriguez collided in the UFC Mexico City headliner last month. However, the bout lasted just 15 seconds after an accidental eye poke from Rodriguez lead to the fight being called a no contest.

Luckily for fans, it was rebooked promptly for UFC Boston which takes place October 18. Although it’s not a five-round main event anymore, Stephens now expects to be swinging to put the lights out:

“It brings a whole different fight,” Stephens said in an interview with Karyn Bryant. “(The first fight) was a five-rounder, and going into that fight, the mentality was a little bit different. But then coming straight here to a three-round fight, it’s going to be a little more vicious. It’s a different type of fight now, so it’s going to be everything swinging – everything’s going to be swinging to put the lights out.”

The rivalry between the two has become much more heated after a post-fight altercation in the hotel while Rodriguez has also claimed Stephens was faking his eye injury. That only motivates “Lil’ Heathen” further to put his lights out:

“It doesn’t bother me,” Stephens explained. “It’s just going to make it that much sweeter when I put his lights out. It’s a different fight. This is three rounds. I already have the cardio to go five. Now I get to go three. Everything I throw is going to be bad intentions on this kid, so I’m really looking to put him in his place – and all eyes are on me to do it. So like I said, big banger in Boston. We’re going to bring it.”

Sweet Dreams For Rodriguez?

Stephens has suffered losses in the past where opponents usually point-fight by keeping the distance. But he doesn’t intend on letting “El Pantera” do the same this time:

“I think my mindset going into the last one, I was really kind of wanting to whoop his (expletive) for 25 minutes and kind of put him at that make-him-want-to quit stage,” Stephens said. “This time, three rounds to do so, guys are always squeaking by, outpointing me with these decisions, these rounds, and I’m chasing them. But I think everything that I’m going to throw is going to be bad intentions in order to put his lights out.

“I’m bringing in the closer – like, you’re bringing in the right hander. Everything is going to be a bad intent. It’s going to be vicious, and I’ve got the cardio to back it up – so sweet dreams to this kid.”

Are you excited for the rematch?