Jake Shields Absolutely Destroys Dillon Danis

Al Sermeno for USA TODAY Sports
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Dillon Danis is known best for being Conor McGregor’s friend and training partner. Perhaps the distant second reason for his notoriety is due to his constant social media battles with various MMA personalities online.

However, one of those completely blew up in his face this weekend when he attempted to make fun of FloGrappling Submission Underground 4 opponent Jake Shields.

He posted a photo from their May 2017 submission-only match, which Shields won, and called Shields his “son”:

Shields did not take kindly to the troll, issuing a brutally vicious response for Danis:

Ouch. It’s tough to argue with Shields on all fronts. He may not be quite old enough to be Danis’ dad but he did beat him at his own sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His suggestion about McGregor may be a stretch, but it’s clear Shields game in to this beef with his guns blazing.

Dillon responded to Shields’ clap back by threatening to knock him out in a tweet he later deleted:

So the gloves are off for another online war featuring Danis. He fights in Bellator MMA, yet no one ever seems to talk about his latest or next fight because of his skills. They do focus on how he’s involved with McGregor or his latest smack talk. If that eventually pans out for him remains to be seen.

He’s not half the star he claims to be just yet, so he may be best served avoiding attempts to troll fighters who beat him at his own game.