Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz React To Paul vs. Woodley, ‘The Problem Child’ Responds

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were not impressed by Jake Paul’s win over Tyron Woodley.

The YouTuber turned boxer faced the toughest test of his four-fight professional career when he took on the former UFC welterweight champion live on Showtime pay-per-view last night.

Paul was rocked for the first time midway through the fight but was ultimately able to outpoint the inactive Woodley over eight rounds for the win.

McGregor gave his one-word reaction to the fight on social media. The Irishman revealed he is “salivating” at the prospect of fighting Paul, who has been relentlessly calling him out for the past year.

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Diaz is also on Paul’s hit list, and he was not impressed either.

“These guys both suck,” Diaz wrote on Twitter during the fight.

At the post-fight press conference, Paul was asked to respond to the fact McGregor was “salivating” while watching his fight with Woodley.

“We’re on the path to [much] bigger fights,” Paul said. “I’m ‘salivating’ too because I’m just getting warmed up. Conor McGregor has a lot more to focus on besides me right now. I’ve got five wins in a row, he’s 1-3 in the last four years. The guy needs to get off of his little vodka, or whatever the f*ck his brand is, and sober up and start to get back in the gym and then we can f*cking fight.

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“But to be honest, no way he hits harder than Woodley,” Paul added. “He doesn’t weigh as much as Woodley, he’s shorter than Woodley. I said it before the fight, I think Woodley’s a harder fight than him. Especially the way that he’s going. Conor’s going down. I’m going up. Woodley came in game. We’ll see.”

‘The Problem Child’ also fired back at Diaz’s critique of his fight.

“Another loser talking up,” Paul said. “Of course, he wants a payday. I’m one of the money fighters now in boxing. The guy’s got a chin, but he doesn’t land punches. That fight’s there, no problem. Thank you for the attention, thank you for watching me. I appreciate it, fanboy.” (Transcribed by TalkSPORT)

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