Jake Paul is ready for Tyron Woodley regardless of whatever game plan the latter brings.

Paul takes on Woodley in a boxing match taking place August 29 in Cleveland, Ohio, in what many are regarding as the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s toughest test yet.

Paul agrees which is why he’s taking Woodley more seriously than any other opponent thus far.

“I know that [he’s my toughest opponent],” Paul said (via MMA Fighting). “That’s why Aug. 29, I have to be super, super sharp. People forget that boxing is the first form of martial arts. When the bell rings in MMA, it’s two guys standing on their feet. It’s a skill that Tyron’s been practicing way longer than I have.

“However, I believe in my ability, I believe in my skill and just my natural talents. You’re either born with speed and knockout power or you’re not. I just so happen to have that. That’s why I know no matter happens, no matter how good Tyron is on Aug. 29, I’m going to still go in there and get the ‘W.’ He is serious and we’ve taken him more serious than any opponent thus far.”

As for how Woodley will approach things in his boxing debut remains to be seen.

He could come out rushing and look for the knockout or he can back up and take his time as he looks to get Paul into deep waters. In the end, it doesn’t matter for Paul as he’s hunting for Woodley’s head no matter what.

“I expect him to start slow and to try and feel me out and to take me into the later rounds or at least try to,” Paul said. “To be on his back foot, moving away, seeing my game plan. I think you’re going to see a less aggressive guy who is going to try to find my mistakes and take the fight into the later rounds. Because he probably thinks in his head that will help him because of his experience or conditioning or I don’t know. I just see that being how he’s fighting, just sort of backing up.

“I’m a real killer in there. So I’m going to try to hunt him down and get him out of there regardless if he’s coming forward. If he’s coming forward, he’s going to get walked into shots. If he’s on his back foot, I’m a hunter and I can go get him. So I can fight both ways, which is great.”

Who do you have winning next weekend?

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