Illogical Reaction of the Day: South Dakota Town Votes to Ban MMA Because Local Fighter Was Involved in Fatal Bar Fight

Brock Lesnar

(Now we know why Brock left…OK, besides ridicule about the tattoo.)

Well, there you have it. Watertown, South Dakota just reverted back to being as closed-minded as New York when it comes to MMA sanctioning.

According to reports, town residents voted 1228-841 to suspend mixed martial arts regulation after a fight between two bar patrons turned fatal when one of the combatants died as a result of injuries he sustained in the fracas. So why would they ban MMA as a result, you may ask? Because one of the combatants, a man by the name of Jerrin Stulken happened to be a local MMA trainer.

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Bob Reilly’s cousin Bubba must be the mayor of that podunk town.

So let me get this straight…banning MMA competition in Watertown is supposed to curb bar fighting? Because we all know only MMA fighters get into bar fights and only trained fighters have been involved in fatal scraps. Taking away their legitimate outlet to compete should help things.

Seriously, that would be like the batting coach for the Dodgers killing someone with a bat and LA banning basebell. I’m pretty sure they didn’t ban hunting in South Dakota after a police chief  “mistakenly” shot and killed his wife.

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