Ian Garry reveals fan wanted to ‘Kill’ him after UFC 285 win: ‘I’m going to put you unconscious’

ian garry

Ian Garry put on one of the most impressive performances of his young career this past Saturday at UFC 285, where he TKO’d fellow finisher Song Kenan at 4:22 of the third and final round to improve his professional record to 11-0.

The Irishman had a rather unpleasant encounter following his win however, and he recanted his post-fight experience on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour:

“I stood there with my whole team. I’m standing there with about eight (or) nine people, and Grandma Khabib came up to me and was like, ‘hey Ian, can I have a photo?’ And I was like, ‘of course you can yeah.’ So we start talking, we start chatting.”

Garry continued: “And while I’m chatting with her I just hear this guy shouting, screaming, coming through like where all the cars were and he’s like, ‘bro that’s the easiest fucking 50k I’ve ever made in my life. I’m fucking awesome.’ He’s just screaming and shouting. I don’t know if he was off his face or what he was doing.

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“But then he just bumped into me. And I just turned around to him and I’m like, ‘hey, hey, relax.’ And he turns around and goes, ‘or what?’, and I’m like (dumbfounded). And I just laugh, I just start laughing and I look at him like, ‘sorry?’ And he’s (again) like, ‘or what?’ He’s like, ‘I’m a fighter, I do this shit.’ I’m like, ‘oh really, really, you do this shit?’ He’s like, ‘yeah you don’t want any of this smoke.’

“And then his fat little mate fucking stood there in his pink blazer going, ‘yeah you don’t want any of this.’

“Meanwhile just Layla stood there in front of me with the baby going, ‘Ian, if you do anything you’ll lose your VISA, you’re not gonna be able to fight here.’ I’m just eyeballing the guy at this point, Layla is looking at me going, ‘is he moving?’ I’m like, ‘no, and if he moves a step closer I’m going to fucking kick him in the balls.’

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“And I just started emptying my pockets, because the way I looked at him it looked like he was on coke or something because he wasn’t thinking.”

Garry continued: “I’m like if this guy’s going to look at me like that and try to be a dick in front of all these (people) – I could hear people going, ‘does this guy fucking know who he’s talking to?’

I’ve never been in a fight outside the octagon because I’m too smart. But it took everything in me, with the way he was eyeballing me, not to go at him. It was like he wanted to kill me with the way he looked at me and I was like, ‘I’m going to put you unconscious if you take one step forward. One step forward or say one more word, I am going to end you.”

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Ian Garry is known for being quite the gentleman, and who could’ve faulted him for attacking the man that initiated a confrontation with him.

Who would you like to see Ian Garry face next inside the octagon?

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