Ian Garry blasts Rampage Jackson amid jab at wife ahead of UFC 298: ‘You’re believing lies from other people’

Ian Garry hits out at Rampage Jackson after jibe at wife you're believing other people's lies UFC 298

Ian Garry cannot catch a break and disputes his approach clearly not working for him in terms of winning over the public, still chooses to bite back and put odd frankly odd social media content to give the response. For someone who has not orchestrated a ‘bad guy’ persona and clearly wants, and puts effort into, being liked he continues to have a growing group of detractors. 

Garry also seems to come up second best in many of the online battles he engages in, either with fans or fellow fighters. 

Ian Garry responds to Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Jackson would poke fun at Garry during his recent appearance on The MMA Hour — ahead of the Dubliner’s fight at UFC 298 next weekend. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion called Garry a ‘cuck’, something which has now become rather popular to do after online rumours circulated about the Irishman’s wife.

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Garry posted to his Instagram Stories and didn’t hold back on Jackson. 

“Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson went on [The MMA Hour] last night and talked about how I turned down his podcast because I was afraid of being made fun of,”  Ian Garry said. “I’ve got the c—t on Monday of fight week. I’ve got him in like four days I’m on his podcast, and he goes on, calls me a cuck. ‘Ian the cuck,’ he didn’t even know my name and he’s like asking Ariel [Helwani], ‘Does his wife really have a boyfriend?’ No, you thick c—t. No.”

“You’re believing absolute bollocks and lies from other people,” he continued. “Imagine running a podcast and not knowing who your next guest was. Imagine being that f—king stupid. Then going on [The MMA Hour] and speaking about it. Well, I can tell you one thing, you’re definitely not having me on now because you’re a f—king idiot chatting mad s—t. Good luck. Take care. I wish you nothing but f—king f—k all.”

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