Huntington Beach City Council Look To Issue Vote Of No Confidence Against Tito Ortiz


The former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion and current sitting Mayor Pro Tem in Huntington Beach, California, Tito Ortiz has had a vote of no confidence proposed against him by his peers at the council.

The UFC alumni was voted into power three months ago and has a since had a run full of criticism leading to this point.

“On December 7th, Council Member Tito Ortiz was selected unanimously by his fellow council members to serve in a leadership role as Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Huntington Beach. Unfortunately, Mr. Ortiz has failed to perform at a level expected for this position and has demonstrated little commitment to serving in the role with honor and dignity. His unprofessional demeanor and poor judgment have raised concerns among residents, local business owners, and his fellow council members. The Huntington Beach community expects local elected officials to take their governing responsibilities seriously and we wholeheartedly agree.”

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The document states that they are looking to put through a vote of no confidence and remove Ortiz from his position as Mayor Tem Pro, finding an alternative person to assume the role for the remainder of the year.

Ultimately there has been no verdict on what will happen to Ortiz currently, however, with a group of his peers arguing against him its unlikely he will remain in his position.