Hilariously Awkward Video: “Rampage” Jackson Nearly Impregnates Unsuspecting Female Reporter

We know a couple things for sure about former UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: 1) He loves to make it rain in the club, and 2) He has no problem pursuing an aggressively sexual gimmick with a female interviewer to the point of extreme awkwardness.  Really, it’s our fault.  We sent this nice girl to interview ‘Page and it’s possible that we didn’t completely prepare her for what she was walking into.  Suggesting that the two of them star in a romantic comedy together, for instance, was basically an invitation to dry-humping.  We realize that now, even if it’s too late.

You really have to love Rampage’s commitment to a course of action here, however uncomfortable it is to watch.  Most of us would break character after a few thrusts, or at least when the interviewer bravely soldiers on to the next question.  Not Rampage.  You can say ‘cut!’ as many times as you like, but he’s not stopping until he’s done.  And don’t worry.  That dirty, used feeling you’re left with will disappear into the ether after the sixth martini.