British boxer Tyson Fury has plenty on his plate right now. In the ring, the man known as the Gypsy King is preparing for a mandatory rematch with familiar opponent Deontay Wilder who he has fought on two previous occasions.

The big draw, as far as Fury is concerned, is a potential ‘Battle of Britain’ against fellow heavyweight Anthony Joshua which would follow the Wilder contest.

Fury has previously dipped into WWE and is expected to revisit the wrestling world but what about MMA? Could we see the Gypsy King step into the Octagon in the future?

Fury on Fury

According to Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, the boxer could easily make the transition to Mixed Martial Arts and it’s something that his camp have been considering. In an interview with JOE, Fury senior pointed to the training sessions that his son had undergone with Darren Till and cited them as evidence that he could compete in MMA.

John Fury went on to say that he’d seen Tyson compete in various different sports and that he had excelled in all of them. The belief is that with the right coach, the boxer can go far in MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts fans will have their own opinions on that particular assessment but, before any firm plans can be made, Tyson Fury isn’t exactly short of commitments.

First Things First

Before any serious talk of an MMA debut can develop, Tyson Fury must firstly deal with his boxing commitments. After a number of proposed dates, Fury v Wilder 3 now looks set to take place on Saturday October 9.

Early markets show that the top 2021 betting sites have Fury down as a red hot favorite for the win. The British fighter is a heavy odds on pick and the tipsters feel that he should make short work of his American opponent.

Moving further forward, those sportsbooks affiliated with also have odds in place for a potential follow up fight with Anthony Joshua. It’s a battle that both Fury and Joshua want and it’s one where those betting markets will be more even.

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While the markets are currently attached to Tyson Fury’s boxing career, they will undoubtedly be busy if he crosses over to Mixed Martial Arts but could that ever become a reality?

What’s Next for Tyson Fury?

While he’s been a controversial figure for much of his career, Fury is also seen as an entertainer who draws an attentive audience whenever he steps into the ring. It’s a curious mix and one that can be perfect for the showbusiness world of professional wrestling.

The English boxer first entered WWE in 2019 when he took on Braun Strowman in a thrilling bout. It’s felt that the Gypsy King would have already revisited his wrestling career had it not been the case that so many sporting events were shelved across 2020 and into 2021.

That’s a career path that he may well return to but only when the Wilder and Joshua fights are behind him. Fury is an entertainer – a larger than life figure and the world of WWE seems a perfect fit for him when the time comes to retire from the boxing ring.

If, however, the Gypsy King is looking for a more serious challenge, a move to Mixed Martial Arts would make more sense. It would be a big draw for the sport and it seems almost certain that the UFC would be interested in adding him to their roster.

If he’s as good as his father says he is, Tyson Fury might just become the most successful fighter across multiple codes.