Graphic Images: Luke Rockhold Gets His Elbow Drained – And It’s Disgusting

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Newly minted UFC middleweight champ Luke Rockhold may have emerged from last December’s UFC 194 as the promotion’s new 185-pound king thanks to a vicious mid-round onslaught on former champion Chris Weidman, but apparently he didn’t escape without some health issues of his own.

Luke Rockhold 1

After the former Strikeforce champ took advantage of an ill-advised spinning wheel kick attempt by Weidman in the third, he swayed the fight in his favor with a takedown and a brutal onslaught of ground and pound that involved some seriously devastating punches and elbows from the mount.

Repeatedly banging his ‘bows against Weidman’s dome must have taken their toll, as Rockhold posted a video to his Facebook page of a trip to the doctor to get his elbow drained. Watch the video on the following page, and be forewarned: it’s most certainly not for the faint of heart.