Georges St-Pierre Will Pursue ‘Novelty’ Fights When UFC Contract Expires

Georges St-Pierre

MMA legend Georges St-Pierre isn’t ruling out a return to compete sports, even if it may be a few years down the road.

Rumors of St-Pierre’s return have been abound ever since he stepped away from the sport in 2019. To be fair to skeptics, it’s not like they didn’t have a precedent. St-Pierre had previously walked away from the sport in 2013, only to return in 2017 to face Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship; a title that he won.

Many fans believed we would see St-Pierre return for a superfight against former lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov. That obviously never materialized, and with both men now retired, seems unlikely at best. Earlier this year, it was revealed that ‘Rush’ was willing to meet boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in the squared circle, but that was nixed by the UFC who claimed that St-Pierre was still under contract.

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In an interview with Sports Illustrated, St-Pierre said he is disappointed the fight couldn’t come together, but is still opting to take the high road.

“Trust me, if this fight would have happened, I would have moved to Los Angeles to Freddie Roach’s gym and made a full training camp, leaving no stone unturned,” St-Pierre said. “Unfortunately, Dana White didn’t want it. It is what it is. I can’t be mad at him. People have said to take him to court, but that makes me look like the bad guy, and I don’t want to spend money on lawyers and all that.”

St-Pierre has always kept his comments about the UFC and their business dealings respectful, even if things haven’t always been peachy between he and White. The UFC boss was furious with the former welterweight champion when he decided to walk away from the sport after defending the title against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. When St-Pierre wanted to make his initial comeback in 2017, White made sure to include a clause in the contract that said he would defend the middleweight title should he win it. It is that contract that the UFC says is still valid. However, the former two-division champion says it has an expiration date.

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“My contract with UFC will finish in almost two years, and I will be free—and I will still be in shape,” St-Pierre said. “I’m still a fighter and an entertainer. If there is an exhibition fight or a novelty fight for charity, then never say never.”

St-Pierre has said the only fights that would interest him are ones that will build upon his legacy. After missing out on a couple of those opportunities against Nurmagomedov and De La Hoya, perhaps we will finally get to see him take advantage when his contract expires. For now, only time will tell.

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