George Dillman: Fake Martial Arts Icon

George Dillman

George Dillman may be the greatest fraud in the history of the martial arts world. The master of the no touch knockout has been a laughing stock for decades.

If you don’t know who George Dillman is, then get ready. Because this is the story of one of the most blatant frauds that has ever lived.

George Dillman’s Early Years

Before George Dillman was a professional shyster, he actually had a hard upbringing. The first martial art that he took up as a kid was Judo.

But after a falling out with his stepfather, he would begin bouncing from home to home. As a teen, he would take up boxing and becoming an amateur boxer. Earning a record of 25-3 before joining the military like his father.

He was stationed in Washington DC during the riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This is maybe the first of many lies that Dillman would claim over his lifetime.

At the riots, George claimed that he took on thirty men at the same time and put two of them in the hospital. No one can corroborate this story, which would be an ongoing trend in the martial artist’s life.

George Dillman’s Formal Training

In 1961, Dillman would begin practicing Karate and begin dedicating his life to his training. After earning his black belt, George said that he would become an active competitor. 

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On his website, Dillman claims to have won 323 trophies from 1969 to 1972. Earning them in everything from sparring, forms, breaking, and weapons.

In 1972, George would meet Hohan Soken that would introduce him to the art of kyusho-jitsu. A martial art that focuses on pressure points to take down attackers.

It wouldn’t be until ten years later when Dillman saw Seiyu Oyata demonstrate the style in 1982. George would begin training with Oyata and begin his journey into being a famous fake martial artist.

George Dillman

George Dillman Cons The World

After learning how to apparently knock people out with pressure points, Dillman would begin holding seminars around the world. Duping suckers into believing that he really possesses this ability.

Later on, he would somehow develop the power to knockout people with his chi. That’s right, George Dillman can knock people out with electricity that he generates with his hands.

For forty years now, George Dillman has been giving seminars and selling instructional videos of his “abilities.” Getting publicity around the world and demonstrating his bs to the masses.

He has “taught” his abilities to everyone around the world from members of the military to celebrities.

In 1997, Dillman was awarded instructor of the year by Black Belt Magazine. Being a professional liar can be quite lucrative.

Truths That George Dillman Told

While there are decades of lies that George Dillman has told, there are a few apparent truths. Here are some things that Dillman said that may actually be true.

George Dillman

George Dillman Being Muhammad Ali’s Bodyguard

One thing that actually might have been true about George Dillman was that he had a relationship with Muhammad Ali. There’s numerous photos of the two together and Dillman.

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He apparently walked with Ali to the ring for his fight against Floyd Patterson at Madison Square Garden.

Dillman and Bruce Lee’s Friendship

From a library of photos, Dillman may have also been friends with Bruce Lee. His story of his time with Bruce actually seems legit since he doesn’t boast at all about their sparring sessions.

As George tells the story, he asked Bruce to have a sparring match. When they started, George said Bruce kicked him so fast that he never saw him move.

Dillman Being a Millionaire

George seems to be an actual millionaire, which isn’t a stretch when you think about it. When you’ve been conning people for decades, you’re obviously going to have a little money.

George Dillman

George Dilmman Gets Outed as a Fraud

If it wasn’t obvious that George Dillman is a fraud, the whole world would have it spelled out for them. George Dillman would be covered by a National Geographic show that investigated if stories were fact or fiction.

In this particular episode, they covered if there was any truth behind Dillman’s claims of having chi power. He had previously done shows like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, but the show would actually dig into his claims.

The NatGeo show would film Dillman and his followers at one of his many seminars. They filmed many of his students “practicing” these techniques and knocking each other out.

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Producers of the show brought on an actual chemist to watch the demonstrations. For most of the time, the chemist and producers were trying to hold back their laughter.

Then the time would come for George to try his magic on the chemist. His assistants would try to use their chi on the chemist, but to no avail. 

When their moves didn’t work, George began listing every excuse in the book. He said that the chemist was a non-believer. Therefore, the move would never work on him.

Also something about his tongue could’ve been in a different position in his mouth. But whatever excuse he had didn’t matter. 

George was outed as the fraud that he’s always been.

What if George Dillman was Really Knocking People Out?

Let’s suspend our disbelief and say that George legitimately has this power he claims. What then?

Well, if Dillman does possess this power, he has spent the last forty years knocking thousands of people out. A knockout is brain trauma and that would mean that he’s nearly killed all of these people.

That would mean that Dillman would be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in damages. But thankfully it was all a scam and only the dumbest of society have given this man money.

George Dillman’s Legacy as a Joke

If there was a Mount Rushmore for fake martial artists, George Dillman would no doubt be on it. He has spent his entire life conning simpletons out of their money with his lies. Dillman is a fake martial arts icon that deserves every joke made at his expense.