Frank Shamrock responds to the report published by WFAA-TV in Dallas on Thursday that stated he was under investigation by police for animal cruelty. This was after he tied up one of his mother’s dogs in the back of a pickup truck at Dallas’ Love Field airport.

According to the report, he allegedly abandoned it for five days. It was noted that he left some food and water for the dog in the truck then proceeded to get back on a plan in order to fly home in California.

During a phone interview with WFAA-TV, the former UFC champion gave a statement about the situation.

“They can charge me with whatever. I will show up,” Shamrock told the station. “It is what it is. I’m not hiding in any way. It’s an unfortunate and terrible thing. I’m an animal lover, and I ran away crying. … It’s an old dog. No one wants a 6 1/2, 7-year-old dog with a goofy hip.”

Moving along to late Thursday night, Shamrock decided to take to his official Instagram account where he stated that he’s not being investigated. He also shot down this report by WFAA-TV reporter Rebecca Lopez’s story as “fake news.” He wrote the following:

“This is #fakenews. @abcnews Edited to create a story. Very sad. Rebecca Lopez you should be ashamed of yourself, I am not being investigated and only took the call to help bring #awareness to #animalcruelty and #elderabuse. Funny how you don’t report the All the facts – just the names that create headlines. #sharelovenothate #checkfacts #speakthetruth.”
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