Francis Ngannou tipped to fail in boxing venture: ‘He cannot go in and compete technically’

PFL on signing UFC veteran Francis Ngannou It's all positive

Eddie Hearn says he’d love to work with Francis Ngannou and arrange some boxing matches but doesn’t believe his skills would translate very well against boxing’s heavyweight elite.

Famed boxing promoter Hearn has been around forever in the sport and has nurtured Anthony Joshua’s career as a promoter since 2013 when the famed UK boxer Joshua first made his transition over from Olympic boxing.

Hearn believes he could do exciting things with Ngannou in the sport, and a match between ‘The Predator’ and ‘AJ’ could be thrilling and give Ngannou that big-money boxing fight he’s been wanting so badly.

Ngannou has made waves as perhaps the biggest MMA free agent in history. He refused to re-sign with the UFC, forfeited his heavyweight title, and has since been searching for bigger and better opportunities. He’s got his eye set on either the PFL or ONE FC when it comes to MMA, but before he signs, Francis Ngannou still desperately wants to compete in boxing against the current greats of the sport.

Eddie Hearn is doubtful that Francis Ngannou’s skills would translate well into boxing

“Personally, you cannot in a million years, with Francis Ngannou’s ability in boxing and pedigree in boxing, go in and compete technically, skill-wise — not just with AJ, but with any top-20 heavyweight in the world,” Hearn began, speaking on The MMA Hour. “But in that division, the difference is, what you can do is you could knock someone out. So it doesn’t matter whether Francis fights Anthony Joshua — Tyson Fury, I agree with you, horrible fight for Francis Ngannou because he’d he just poke [Ngannou] around — Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte, Derek Chisora, Jermaine Franklin; he has no chance against those guys, other than to be aggressive, trade up, and catch someone clean and take him out.”

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“So I think that you are correct in your statement, in that … people would give fighters a much better chance against AJ having watched that performance. In your world, that translates to Francis Ngannou,” Hearn continued (H/T MMA Fighting). “And why not? I don’t feel like it’s a fight that’s going to continue the development of Anthony Joshua under his new trainer, but I’d [recently] done lunch with Francis Ngannou. You know his story. I was completely gobsmacked by the story of this man. We sat for two hours, and I was just listening to just the most remarkable — I mean, how this isn’t a film, I have no idea. Unbelievable.”

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Eddie Hearn is eager to make money off of Francis Ngannou

It’s obvious Eddie Hearn would love to make millions off of Ngannou, and the boxing promoter even began to talk about turning his story into some Hollywood blockbuster.

“I’m thinking, ‘Please let me go to Hollywood now with you and sell this film.’ People need to be educated about what that man has been through and his story to get to where he’s got to. I found him fascinating. Lovely guy, lovely guy, and I’d love to do something.”

In Hearn’s defense, ‘The Predator’ does have one of the most remarkable stories in MMA. Commenting on it in this article wouldn’t nearly do it justice, so don’t be afraid to do some research and read up on it. Let’s just say Francis Ngannou is an incredible human. The things he’s gone through to get where he’s at today will stand the test of time. A movie should be made about his life, but that might not even do the story justice. It could even require a short series about it of hour-long episodes even to get close to telling it fairly. It wouldn’t be surprising if, a decade from now, he’s considered a beloved combat sports legend similar to Mike Tyson.

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As far as boxing goes, Eddie Hearn is eager to get Ngannou in there with anybody and everybody. “Dillian Whyte. Otto Wallin. Joe Joyce is another big fight. It’s a tough fight, but who knows,” Hearn said. “But I just feel that if we’re going to go into a Fury or Wilder, which is inevitable, I just want him to go in with the best chance that he can have. And I just feel that, right now, he’s not at the optimum level he could be to go into that fight.”

“He (Anthony Joshua) would still go into them, and I still give him a chance in those fights. I believe he could win those fights. But I would just like to see him firing and going into those fights. And what I saw (against Franklin) wasn’t AJ firing on all cylinders.”

Who would you want to see Francis Ngannou box if it ever happens, or would you just prefer him to re-sign with the UFC?