Floyd Mayweather Flaunts $100 Million Check At Press Conference

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Earlier this week, ESPN released a report indicating that legendary former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather owed the IRS tax money, which is ultimately why he came out of retirement to accept a fight with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.

And subsequently, this topic was brought up at yesterday’s (July 11, 2017) press conference between the two, which took place in Los Angeles.

Mayweather started it off by pulling out a check for $100 million to show that perhaps he doesn’t have any tax issues:

“Gimme that backpack. (Pulls out check from backpack) “Let me show you mutha f*ckers what a 100 million dollar fighter looks like,” Mayweather said. “Still got 100 million and I ain’t even touched this sh*t!”

McGregor then quickly took a jab at “Money”:

“Give that to the tax man!” McGregor responded.

The back-and-forth banter between the two stars was entertaining to say the least, although it should only heat up from here. McGregor’s microphone was actually turned off yesterday, but “Mayweather” continue to pour on the verbal onslaught:

“You’re right! I’m the IRS, and I’ma tax your ass,” Mayweather said.

“We knew I was the A-side, that’s why it say Mayweather first. We knew I was the A-side, that’s why this b*tch had to come to the boxing ring,” he added.

“He look good for a seven figure fighter, he look good for a eight figure fighter, but mutha f*cker I’m a nine figure fighter. And y’all know what? This b*tch made three million dollars his last fight! Well we know that’s training camp money for me!” Mayweather concluded.

Check out the full exchange below courtesy of MMAFighting.com:

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