Floyd Mayweather Lands A TKO Win Over Mikuru Asakura | Super Rizin Highlights

Floyd Mayweather

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was able to get a victory over Mikuru Asakura via TKO in the second round of their exhibition boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather put on a showcase, showing why he is considered the best defensive boxer of all time. Asakura would throw a flurry of punches a few times, bit wasn’t able to land anything significant. Mayweather’s offensive output was also minimal, landing a few body shots and dipping out quickly. The first round was a fairly even round.

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Mayweather opened the round pushing forward, and was able to land a huge right hand. Asakura tried answering back with a few shots of his own, but Mayweather’s defense was too quick. Mayweather pushed forward and landed another huge right, but Asakura landed a few high shots on Mayweather. In the last 20 seconds of the round, Mayweather was able to catch Asakura multiple times and dropped him and TKO Asakura at the end of the second round.

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Catch the highlights below