Firas Zahabi: GSP does want Silva fight

After a ton of speculation that GSP does not want to fight Anderson Silva, it appears that the Welterweight champ does in fact want to. At least, according to his coach Firas Zahabi, who spoke with CBC Sports, saying:

“He told me yes. But I think there’s a lot to be negotiated. I don’t know much more than that.”

Zahabi is as reliable a source as any on news concerning GSP. Rumors had surfaced last week that GSP was asking for 50 million dollars in order to fight Silva, who many consider the greatest MMA combatant of all time. While those rumors were quickly put to bed by GSP’s camp, the fact remains that there is a ton of red tape to bypass in order to make this monumental bout a go. GSP knows he needs to put on a good amount of weight to contend with the larger Silva. Also, Silva said he’s taking time off until 2013. All of these and many more factors lead to more and more holdups in a bout that’s been talked about since 2008.

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However, if the fight can be made, rest assured that Dana White will try to make it. Speculation has placed the bout at Texas Stadium or a soccer venue in Brazil large enough to accomodate the mobs of fans looking to see the bout. Many think GSP is scared to face Silva, apparently he feels otherwise. After successfully defeating Carlos Condit at UFC 154, St-Pierre is back to training in a lower capacity. The hype will continue to roll in, let’s hope this fight gets booked sooned than later.

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