Firas Zahabi, Famous MMA Coach, Blasts Education In Montreal

Firas Zahabi

World-renowned MMA coach Firas Zahabi isn’t happy with the way that his children are being taught in school in his native Montreal.

Zahabi is mostly known as the architect of many famous MMA fighters’ careers, including former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. He’s also coached former Bellator champion Rory MacDonald and others who have come through the doors at Tristar Gym in Canada.

But Zahabi took the time to dive into a different topic of conversation during a recent appearance on The 3Muslims Podcast. Zahabi didn’t hold back when discussing education issues in Canada and more specifically, attempts to feminize men such as his children.

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“It’s become encouraged now to feminize men,” Zahabi said. “If they want to feminize their men, they can do it, but they aren’t going to feminize our men.”

When asked to explain his views, Zahabi provided an example from a recent story one of his sons told following a day at school on Valentine’s Day.

“One of my sons, on Valentine’s Day, they showed him a movie about one guy falling in love with another,” Zahabi said. “My kids, they’re open books—so my son is like, ‘I watched this movie and two guys were kissing each other so me and my friend were laughing and everybody got angry with us. They were telling me it’s normal, it’s normal.’”

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Firas Zahabi Is Critical Of Modern Education In Canada

While it’s unclear what exactly Firas Zahabi‘s views are on same-sex couples, he appears to have strong feelings towards these ideas being taught in school. Zahabi is well educated, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy from Concordia University, and has appeared on numerous well-known podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience.

Fans have been split on Zahabi’s stance, and it appears Zahabi won’t be in hot water for his comments.

What are your thoughts on Firas Zahabi’s comments? Do you agree?