Fighters Blast Weight Cutting After Ray Borg’s UFC 215 Withdrawal

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UFC fighters have voiced their opinions on Ray Borg’s removal from UFC 215 just a day-and-a-half before his scheduled fight with Demetrious Johnson.

While Borg has denied that weight-cutting issues were the issue, all signs point to a difficult drop to 125 pounds, which is a weight that has caused Borg to be pulled from fights in the past.

Two prominent fellow UFC fighters took to Twitter, and both of them agreed on one thing: more weight classes.

Women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, who is actually filling in as headliner after “Mighty Mouse” and Borg were pulled from the card, felt the same way after a particularly brutal weight cut prior to UFC 213:

“I was unable to (breathe) and felt off-balance from the pressure in my sinuses,” Nunes said of her weight cut for UFC 213.

Like Borg, Nunes didn’t make it to fight night at UFC 213, and instead will defend her belt against Valentina Schevchenko in the main event of UFC 215 on Saturday, the same main even though Borg was scheduled to fight in against Demetrious Johnson.

The issue of weight cutting has become such a problem that USADA now has rules regarding how much weight a fighter is allowed to cut based on their body weight.

Do you want to see more weight division ls in the UFC? Is weight cutting as big of an issue as it’s being made out to be?