Felice Herrig Details How Cortney Casey Threw Bloody Booger At Her

Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Felice Herrig picked up her fourth straight win inside the UFC’s Octagon at UFC 218 last night (Sat. December 2, 2017) when she earned a split decision nod over Cortney Casey.

At one point in the fight, the pair got so intense that they exchanged vulgar hand gestures that forced FS1 programming to cut from the fight a few times. During a post-fight scrum, Herrig described the moment as going “full-on Nick Diaz,” and claimed that things actually got so intense that Casey flung a booger her way:

“Oh we both went full-on Nick Diaz, or whatever (laughs),” Herrig said. “She was – she got a little upset because I got her with a shot and I saw it on her face. I don’t know, fighters get emotional – she flicked a booger at me, it was great. It’s entertaining for the fans. I like that, I like being in entertaining fights. I’m not mad at her. But it was cool. I was entertained by it. I thought it was entertaining.”

Herrig then claimed that it was a chunk of blood that was flung her way before joking about having a habit of having bodily fluids thrown on her:

“It was definitely blood,” Herrig said. “It was a big chunk of blood that Cortney flicked at me. And I don’t know, it might have hit me, it might have landed on me. Yes that’s my think, I always get bodily fluids thrown at me in fights. Usually you can’t intentionally throw blood, you can only throw it if it’s a chunk of blood, which means I must’ve done something to her nose.

“Nobody has ever done that to me. Like I said, I’m not really mad about it. I think most people would be mad, they’d think it’s like disrespectful. But we were in the heat of the moment, we were both cussing at each other. I saw it (a bloody booger chunk) on the canvas afterwards.”

When reporters asked Herrig about the “blood booger” once again, “Lil Bulldog” went into a bit more descriptive detail:

“It was a chunk – it was a booger chunk. It was a booger, blood chunk. Booger bludgeoning. It was chunky, that’s why she flicked it at me and it was laying on the floor. And I stepped over it. It was like a worm. Like it the water, in the pond, when it rains. Like that.”